AutoBOOST is a BOOST-3 ancillary study under a separate grant. The study looks at machine learning analytics of heart rate variability on the Moberg collected waveforms as predictors of other parameters thought to be related to cerebrovascular reactivity and outcome.


Please note:

  • There are additional analyses of existing data collected for BOOST-3.
  • There are no additional contracts.
  • There are no site payments.
  • There are no consent forms.

Intensivists Working Group

Mission Statement Coming Soon

The Intensivists Working Group invites people to submit ideas for project presentations during each meeting.  These presentations can be very early stage, partially developed, or are more fully developed.  Each group member is encouraged to present something each year, and each group can host two presentations. Topics of presentations can include:

Human Subjects Protection Working Group

The mission of the Human Subjects Protection Working Group (HSP) is to help advance research efforts in the SIREN Network while keeping the human research participants’ interests, rights, justice, and wellbeing at the forefront. The group works to be an advocate for human research participant welfare, and to maintain ethical standards in clinical trials. HSP also helps SIREN sites by providing a venue for transparent discussion and educational moments in ethical or regulatory related issues.


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