Getting Started

This page is dedicated to team members that are new to SIREN. Here you will find important administrative information to help you get regulatory ready and to orient you to the available training and professional development resources on the SIREN website.  If you have any questions please contact the education coordinator or your site manager. Please see our contact page if you are unsure who to reach out to. 


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UM Friend Account


SIREN Orientation



Obtain a UM Friend Account to Access Training and Resources

There are restricted-access pages on the SIREN website and the study-specific pages. In order to access these pages you will need to create a UM Friend Account. Click here and follow the instructions.


Obtain a WebDCU User Account to Upload Regulatory Documents and Data

New team members need a WebDCU account to enter data and upload to and view documents in WebDCU, the SIREN data management system. To obtain a user account and password you must complete the WebDCU Data Training located on each SIREN trials' Education webpages (click here to access each trial training page). Once the training is complete, submit your certificate to your Primary Study Coordinator to upload to WebDCU. Once it is accepted a WebDCU data manager will be notified to issue you a user account.

To report technical issues or for database-related questions for WebDCU please see the SIREN contact page under WebDCU Support.

PDF Files: Scan-Create-Reduce File Size: Use these guidelines to choose the right scanner settings, create PDF files, and help reduce PDF files over 2.0MB.

Redacting PDFs: Use these instructions when you need to permanently remove sensitive information from a PDF.

WebDCU User Manual


Review the SIREN and Website Overviews

SIREN Overview from the P-ICECAP Investigator Meeting 2022- Dr. Robert Silbergleit

Slides (PowerPoint)

SIREN Website Orientation from the P-ICECAP Investigator Meeting 2022 - Courtney Miller


SIREN Overview 2017
SIREN Introduction (Presented at NETT Steering Committee Mtg 3-23-17)


SIREN Kick-off Meeting (3-5-18, Scottsdale, AZ)

Do you have a question and don't know who to contact?

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