Intensivists Working Group

The mission of the Intensivist Investigator Working Group is to provide a forum for SIREN investigators and trainees who practice intensive care to: 1) provide feedback on SIREN trial proposals and ideas in the pipeline, 2) discuss and develop new ideas for SIREN trials and ancillary studies, and 3) promote academic collaboration for publication and dissemination.


The Intensivist Investigator Working Group meetings will rotate the focus of each group meeting monthly among topics focused on 1) feedback or follow up on existing studies or trials, 2) discussions of new ideas or works-in-progress, and 3) review of working group publications. We invite interested parties to join the meetings of interest to them. 


The Intensivists Working Group invites people to submit ideas for project presentations during each meeting.  These presentations can be very early stage, partially developed, or are more fully developed.  Each group member is encouraged to present something each year, and each group can host two presentations. Topics of presentations can include:

  1. New project ideas
  2. Ancillary study ideas (related to current or future SIREN studies)
  3. Follow-up reports (from people who have presented to our group previously – to discuss what happened with your ideas after we last heard about them)
  4. Works in progress sessions (for people who would like to share the results of preliminary studies who are thinking about leveraging those findings into future projects)


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