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SIREN is funded by NIH through cooperative agreements. NIH Scientific and Administrative Program Directors collaborate directly with the investigators in this kind of award, and are integral team members in all network activities.  In a true trans-NIH effort, three Institute-Centers, NINDS, NHBLI, and NCATS, and the NIH Office of Emergency Care Research have joined together to create the network.  



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NIH SIREN Partners

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Clinton Wright, MD, MS                  Division of Clinical Research, Director

Jeremy Brown, MD                         Division of Clinical Research, Director of the Office of Emergency Care Research

Carolina Mendoza-Puccini, MD      Division of Clinical Research, Program Officer 

Gretchen Scott, BS, BSN, RN        Division of Clinical ResearchClinical Research Project Manager

Alva Recinos, MD                           Division of Clinical Research, Health Program Specialist

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

Gail D. Pearson, MD                       Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, Associate Director, Office of Clinical Research, Director

George Sopko, MD                         Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, Office of Clinical Research, Program Director 

Emily Tinsley, MS                           Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, Heart Failure & Arrhythmias Branch, Program Official/Clinical Trials Specialist

Andrei Kindzelski, MD, PhD           Division of Blood Diseases and Resources, Program Director 

Diane Reid, MD                              Division of Cardiovascular Sciences

Lawrence Baizer, PhD                    Division of Lung Diseases

Sujata Shanbhag, MD, MPH




NIH SIREN Links and Resources

Relevant Funding Opportunities for Clinical Trial Proposals

Funding Mechanism for SIREN Trials at NINDS

Funding Mechanism for SIREN Tirals at NHLBI (CCC Grant)

Funding Mechanism for SIREN Trials at NHLBI (DCC Grant)


Applications to NHLBI with Direct Costs of $500,000 or More in Any One Year

Applications to NINDS with Direct Costs of $500,000 of More in Any One Year

Financial Conflict of Interest Training Module


Clinical Trial Protocol Summary for Projects Requesting >$500,000 direct costs per year