Getting Started




Steps to Being Released to Enroll in P-ICECAP 


General Study Start-Up and Regulatory Assistance



ER-CIRB: Resources and steps for relying on an external cIRB

  • Sites do NOT submit applications directly to Advarra. The Siren CCC will submit site applications to Advarra once the site has completed the “Initial Site Submission” in WebDCU under P-ICECAP - Central IRB.
  • Sites should be submitting requests to their local IRBs to cede to Advarra. The ceding request to the local IRB and the ceding acknowledgement from the local IRB both need to be uploaded and accepted to WebDCU prior to site applications being submitted.


P-ICECAP Site Milestone Document 


Protocol approval is located in the P-ICECAP toolbox here

Consent (Version 3) Updated 9-29-23

  • The CIRB approved ICECAP ICF language is locked.  We are not accepting any changes or edits to the body of the consent form.
  • There is a black box area on the consent where Advarra will add your local IRB site specific language after that language has been approved by study leadership. Language must not duplicate information already in the consent.
  • Contact information and names for the site will be populated on the consent form by the CIRB when they approve the form.


WebDCU Resources 


P-ICECAP Study Team Members 

Step 1: Create a UM Friends Account (if you don't already have one)

New study team members need a UM Friend Account to access all of the P-ICECAP and Network trainings and resources. Click here for instructions on how to create one.


Step 2: Create Study Team Member Accounts in WebDCU (P-ICECAP)

Regardless of whether the study team member ever expects to access the P-ICECAP WebDCU database, each study team member must be added to WebDCU before the trial can start at the clinical site. The site P-ICECAP primary study coordinator has access to complete this step.


Step 3a: Create an eDOA Log (electronic Delegation of Authority Log) in WebDCU (ICECAP)

The site P-ICECAP primary study coordinator or PI will have access to complete this step. Select the role and responsibilities that each site team member has been delegated to by the PI. The eDOA must be submitted in order for regulatory document requirements to populate for study team members.


Step 3b: Required Trainings for WebDCU and P-ICECAP using the Regulatory Parameters Document 


Step 3c: Complete Regulatory Document Records in WebDCU

All team members MUST be added to the 1) P-ICECAP Database AND 2) the eDOA, BEFORE all regulatory documents can be fully displayed for completion, please see above. 




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