EFIC Resources

Milestone Document 

Local IRB Notification Letter

EFIC ER-CIRB Review Process 

FAQs regarding EFIC & Advarra as the cIRB

EFIC Plan (Updated 12-17-19)

Local Context, CC & PD Form Guide and Key

Form Guide - Please use this document as a guide for navigating to and completing CC and PD Form Fields in HOBIT WebDCU.

CC Form Survey Key (New 12-17-19) - Community Consultation is a form of two way communication. A survey should accompany all CC events. Please use this key to transfer survey data collected during CC events into WebDCU on the CC Form.

CC Form (field Q05a) & Local Context (Q7) Instructions - Please follow these instructions for providing a thorough analysis of each CC event (field Q05a) results on each CC form, and a complete summary of your entire EFIC effort on the Local Context Form (field 7).

cIRB-Approved SIte EFIC Plans from BOOST-3:

Harborview and UCSF

FDA EFIC Guidance