Getting Started


C3PO Study Team Members:

  • Click here to request to be added to C3PO Email Communications.
  • Create a UM Friends Account (if you don't already have one)

New study team members need a UM Friend Account to access all of the HOBIT and Network trainings and resources. Click here for instructions on how to create one.


C3PO Milestone Document (New 6-16-20)

Work Scope Summary (New 6-17-20)

Site Readiness Steps (New 6-16-20)


Consent Form (Updated 6-24-20)

C3PO e.consent (New 6-24-20)

Use this training link for your practice and training needs. If you provide your email address at the end of the consent you will receive an email like the one a study participant would receive. The email to the participant reflects the email local study team members (on the e.DOA with consenting permissions) will receive when a real participant is enrolled. 

A site specific participant link, unique to your site and mirroring the cIRB-approved paper version of the site consent will be provided nearer to the time that your site is released to enroll.

To learn more: SIREN e.consent SOP