February 3, 2021

SIREN Supplement NHLBI- and NINDS Council Presentations

The longer presentation to the NHLBI council is at and starts with Amy Patterson’s intro at the 2:09 time point.

Robert Silbergleit's presentation starting at the 2:15 time point and continues until 3:03 (48 minutes). 

Slides - Robert Silbergleit 

A shorter presentation to the NINDS council is at and starts at the 2:45 time point and continues until 3:13 (28 minutes). 

Slides - Robert Silbergleit 


November 19, 2020

SIREN NIH funded Workshop on Family Experience After Cardiac Arrest and Severe Neurotrauma

Preliminary Interviews: A single hospital's experience


Family Involvement in the Early Phase after Cardiac Arrest and TBI